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ATI-FIRE EN659 Navy Blue NOMEX Fire Fighting Gloves Short Style Suitable for Firefighting clothing

NameFire Fighting Gloves
Liner MaterialKevlar / TPU / Insulation Cloth
SizeOne Size Fit All
FeatureFlame Resistant/Waterproof/Heat
UsageFirefighting Work Protection

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Firefighting gloves are mainly designed for firefighters to resist open flames, radiant heat, water immersion, general chemicals and mechanical injuries when working in fire scenes. They are five-finger separated and have a four-layer structure, which is divided into flame retardant layer, waterproof layer and breathable layer. Layer, insulation layer, comfort layer (except for the main body of the glove, sleeves are allowed), fire-fighting gloves have strong heat resistance, flame retardant, waterproof, dexterity, grip resistance, cut resistance, and perforation resistance, and also have a certain degree of comfort sex.

The fire-fighting glove fabric is made of permanent flame-retardant fiber material, which has properties such as flame-retardant, waterproof, breathable, anti-static, and comfortable.It has the characteristics of low preheating shrinkage, good dexterity and grip, comfortable, dexterous and convenient use, and excellent waterproof performance.

Brand NameATI-FIRE
Model NumberATI-FMG-01 Style-2
Minimum Order Quantity10PAIRTES
Price2 - 9 pairs $16.20 10 - 29 pairs $14.70 30 - 49 pairs $13.70 >= 50 pairs $12.70
Packaging DetailsPVC bag and carton
Delivery Time15days
Payment TermsFOB
Supply Ability100000PAIRES

Outer SellFabric composite with cowhide
Middle LayerTPU clear Low permeability waterproof membrane
Thermal and Insulation Layer + Inner LayerNomex aramid Insulation felt composited with inner layer breathable Nomex fiber
Comfortable LayerFR Cotton
SizeOne size fit all
Wear Resistance>2000 circles (level 3 in EN 659)
Cutting Force>15N
Tear Force>79N(level 4)
Puncture Force>63N(level 2)
Overall waterproof Performanceno leakage


Firefighting gloves are one of the essential personal protective equipment for firefighters when carrying out firefighting and rescue tasks, and have the following main applications:

●Hand Protection: Provides physical protection against high temperatures, flames, thermal radiation, sharp objects, and other injuries to firefighters' hands.

●Insulation protection : Effectively prevents heat transfer and reduces the risk of burns on the hands.

●Wear resistant and anti slip: Enhance the friction of the hands, making it easier for firefighters to operate on wet or rough surfaces.

●Cutting protection: Prevent being cut by sharp objects.

●Chemical protection: It can block the erosion of some chemicals on the skin.

●Maintain hand flexibility: While providing protection, it does not affect the operational flexibility of firefighters' hands.

●Improve work efficiency: Enable firefighters to complete rescue tasks more safely and efficiently.

In practical applications, firefighting gloves are usually used in conjunction with other firefighting equipment to maximize the safety of firefighters.


*Flame retardant, oil resistant, anti-static, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof.

*Five-finger design is comfortable, convenient and flexible.

*Suitable for use at high temperature of 180-300 degrees Celsius.

*Compatible with the cuffs of the firefighter's protective clothing.

*Adjustable wrist size.

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