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ATI-FIRE EN659 Fire Fighting Rescue Gloves Short Style Suitable for Firefighting clothing

NameForest Police Gloves
SizeOne Size Fit All
FeatureFlame Resistant/Waterproof/Heat
UsageFirefighting Work Protection

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Brand NameATI-FIRE
Model NumberATI-RSG03 style-3
CertificationEN 659:2003+A1:2008 related to Regulation (EU): R 2016/425(Personal Protective Equipment)
Minimum Order Quantity10PAIRS
Price30 - 99 pairs $40.00 100 - 499 pairs $38.00 >= 500 pairs $35.00
Packaging DetailsPVC bag and carton
Delivery Time15days
Payment TermsFOB
Supply Ability100000PAIRS

Outer SellNomex aramid fabric composite with cowhide
Middle LayerTPU clear Low permeability waterproof membrane
Thermal And Insulation Layer + Inner LayerNomex aramid Insulation felt composited with inner layer breathable Nomex fiber
Comfortable LayerFR cotton
SizeOne size fit all(200-300mm)
Overall Waterproof PerformanceNo leakage


Firefighting gloves are one of the essential personal protective equipment for firefighters when carrying out firefighting and rescue tasks, and have the following main applications:

●Hand Protection: Provides physical protection against high temperatures, flames, thermal radiation, sharp objects, and other injuries to firefighters' hands.

●Insulation protection : Effectively prevents heat transfer and reduces the risk of burns on the hands.

●Wear resistant and anti slip: Enhance the friction of the hands, making it easier for firefighters to operate on wet or rough surfaces.

●Cutting protection: Prevent being cut by sharp objects.

●Chemical protection: It can block the erosion of some chemicals on the skin.

●Maintain hand flexibility: While providing protection, it does not affect the operational flexibility of firefighters' hands.

●Improve work efficiency: Enable firefighters to complete rescue tasks more safely and efficiently.

In practical applications, firefighting gloves are usually used in conjunction with other firefighting equipment to maximize the safety of firefighters.


*Flame retardant, oil resistant, anti-static, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof.

*Five-finger design is comfortable, convenient and flexible.

*Suitable for use at high temperature of 180-300 degrees Celsius.

*Compatible with the cuffs of the firefighter's protective clothing.

*Quick opening-closing lock: It can connect the gloves to the fire suit or firefighter's belt, making it easy to carry and put on/off.

*Adjustable wrist size.

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