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ATI-FIRE EN136 EN137 6.8L Carbon Fiber Glass Cylinder SCBA Supports Customization of Styles and Logos

NameRespiratory Protection Equipment
Working Pressure300bar
Cylinder materialCarbon Fiber Cylinder
Use time45-60min
Full face maskAdjustable/ Comfortable/Anti-Fog
PackingPlastic Carton
Packaging DetailsOne Scba/pvc case, one pvc case/carton

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SCBA is widely used where atmosphere is polluted by smoke、 poisonous gas or/and hot vapor, or in the hypoxia situation. It consists of a gas cylinder and a gas supply system. Our SCBA gas cylinder is made of aluminum alloy inner liner wrapped with carbon fiber composite. It is lightweight, fireproof, flame-retardant, and explosion-proof, The valve of the gas cylinder is made of copper, safe and explosion-proof, and can also be equipped with a composite pressure display, allowing users to monitor the remaining air volume in the cylinder at any time. The air supply system includes a pressure reducer, air supply pipe, full face mask, demand valve and pressure display gauge. In addition, users can also choose various configurations such as HUD digital display system, fall alarm, intercom system, etc.

Place of Origin:ZHEJIANG CHINA
Brand Name:ATI-FIRE
Model Number:ATI-SCBA-6.8-30OBAR
Certification:EN 137:2006
Minimum Order Quantity:10
Price:2-99sets 300USD ;>=100sets  240USD  
Packaging Details:One Scba/ pvc case, one pvc case/carton
Delivery Time:10DAYS
Payment Terms:TT
Supply Ability:500PCS

Gas Mask Visual Field>96%
Cylinder MaterialCarbon Fiber+Aluminum alloy
Cylinder Capacity2040L
Exhalation Resistance<1000Pa
Inhalation Resistance<500Pa
Operation Temperature-30℃-60℃
Alarm Pressure5.5Mpa
Working pressure30Mpa
Service Time60min
Alarm Sound90DB
PackingPlastic Case(black or Orange)


1. Applicable to firefighters or rescue workers in toxic or harmful gas

2. Environment, containing harmful substances such as smoke and oxygen and other environments, to provide effective respiratory protection for users.

3. Widely used in fire protection, electric power, chemical, ship, smelting,

4. Warehouse, laboratory, mining and other departments.


*With anti-fog, anti-glare, wide field of view, good air tightness and comfortable wearing face mask.

*The gas supply valve is small in volume, large in gas supply, not affect the field of view during use.

*Carbon fiber back plate, Light weight and high strength., designed for more comfortable and Convenient  wear.

*Pressure reducer is built-in safety valve, no adjustment device, maintenance -free. It has a spare inter face.

*Light weight pressure gauge has waterproof, shockproof and luminous display shockproof and luminous display and accurate in alarm

*The bottle valve is equipped with a ratchet check device to prevent unintentional closing during use.

*The same set of backing plate 3.0L,6.0L,6.8L and 9.0L carbon fiber composite gas cylinders can be replaced at will.

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