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ATI-FIRE EN Firefighting Protective Equipment Polyester Adjustable Fireman Belt

NameFireman Belt
ColourOrange and Black
Adjustable length90-140cm
SizeOne Size Fit All
FeatureFlame Resistant/Waterproof
UsageFirefighting Work Protection

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Firefighter belts are an important component of personal protective equipment for firefighters.

It is made of tough materials such as Kevlar or special synthetic fibers, which have the characteristics of high strength and durability. The main function of a belt is to fix various equipment of firefighters, such as fire axes, safety hooks, etc., to ensure that these equipment will not shake or fall during operation, making it convenient for firefighters to work.

It also plays a certain protective role and can reduce the impact of external forces on the body in some cases. The design of the firefighter's belt is reasonable, comfortable to wear, and can adapt to various complex rescue scenarios and high-intensity work environments.

Brand NameATI-FIRE
Model NumberATI-FST-011R
CertificationEN 358
Minimum Order Quantity10PIECES
Price10 - 99 PIECES
100 - 499 PIECES
>= 500 PIECES
Packaging DetailsPVC bag and carton
Delivery Time15days
Payment TermsFOB
Supply Ability10000PAIRS
Metal ring materialcarbon steel without welding, thickness=6.2mm
Static tension in vertical direction13N
Edge processingHeat seal with Prevent loosening
Single package size20X20X10 cm

· Equipment fixation: Used to firmly fix various fire-fighting equipment and tools such as fire axes, safety hooks, walkie talkies, etc., making it convenient for firefighters to access and operate them at any time.

· Body support : Provides a certain amount of support to the body during climbing, rescue and other movements, maintaining body balance and stability.

· Action assistance: Assist firefighters in flexible actions in complex environments, such as through narrow spaces, going up and down stairs, etc., to ensure smooth operations.

· Load bearing: bears the weight of some equipment, reducing the burden on other parts of the firefighter's body.

· Safety protection: In the event of accidents, such as falls, it can provide certain protection and reduce the risk of bodily injury.


· High strength: able to withstand significant tensile and weight forces, ensuring that it is not easily damaged during rescue operations.

· Durable: Can withstand harsh environments and frequent use, with a long service life.

· Strong and reliable: It can firmly fix equipment to prevent it from falling during operation, ensuring the smooth progress of rescue work.

· Flexible adjustment: It can be flexibly adjusted according to the body shape and needs of firefighters to achieve the best wearing effect.

· Comfortable: Reasonable design allows firefighters to wear it relatively comfortably for long periods of time, reducing the impact on their actions.

· Quick release: It can be quickly released in emergency situations without delaying the emergency response of firefighters.

· conspicuous signs: usually have bright colors for easy identification and rescue command.

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