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ATI-FIRE EN Europe Type Fireman Helmet Full Face Goggles ALL Black

NameSafety fireman helmet
StyleHalf helmet
Shell MaterialAluminum foil
ItemTraining helmet
ApplicationFirefighting protection
DesignsFree adjustment available
AccessoriesFlashlight (optional)

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Fireman helmets are resistant to sharp objects, corrosion, heat radiation, reflection and insulation. The shell is made of high temperature polyetherimide plastic, which is impact resistant and puncture resistant, there is a high-density foam buffer layer inside, a uniform buffer net and a four-pole shock absorption cap hoop structure, which can slow down the external impact on the head as a whole. The helmet can withstand high temperatures, and the helmet shell can withstand a temperature of 260℃. It has properties such as strength, penetration resistance, electric shock resistance, flame retardancy and heat resistance. The goggles have excellent transmittance, clarity, impact resistance, heat resistance, fog resistance, scratch resistance, radiation resistance and aging resistance.

Brand NameATI-FIRE
Model NumberATI-EU602
CertificationEN 443:2008  EN 397:2012+AI:2012
Minimum Order Quantity10
Price50 - 99 pieces $80.00 100 - 499 pieces $75.00 500 - 999 pieces $73.00 >= 1000 pieces $70.00
Packaging DetailsPer fireman helmet in one Non-woven fabric bags,and 13 pieces fireman helmet in one carton
Delivery Time10-15DAYS
Payment TermsTT
Supply Ability100000PCS/MONTH

Shell MaterialsHigh temperature polytherimide (PC) plastic
Goggles MaterialsPPSU
Cushion MaterialEVA FOAM
Lining MaterialAramid
Shawl MaterialAluminum foil and aramid
Max temp260℃
Max Impact4000N
Electrical Poof0.9A
Goggles StyleHalf Goggles
Vision Side140 Degree
Goggle ColorBrown/Clear


The application scenarios of fire helmets mainly include the following:

1. Fire rescue: In the fire scene, protect the head of firefighters from the harm of flames, high temperatures, falling objects, etc.

2. Dangerous chemical accident: Prevent chemical splashes to the head and provide certain protection.

3. Building collapse rescue: Protect the head from impacts during the rescue process.

4. Industrial accident: Such as factory explosions, fires, etc.

5. Forest fire suppression: Used in forest fire rescue to resist the damage of branches, flames, etc.

6. Traffic accident rescue: When handling traffic accidents, protect the head safety of firefighters.

7. Other emergency rescues: Including earthquakes, explosions and other types of disaster accident rescue work.


● Providing extra durability to the helmet edge.

●Iner or impact liner Assist or address the impact force.

●Designed to receive, retain a hat size between six to eightw with liner made of standard flannel for ease and comfortable sit.

●Crown straps To serve as impact cap’s overhead suspension.

●Nape device aid in helmet retention.

●Attachment Energy absorbing and retention system.

●Ergonomically designed.

●Equipped with hook

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